Friday, 25 September 2009

Day 51: Rest or not

Today was the 3rd martial arts workout this week so doing that plus Chalene Extreme has left me exhausted. From next week the beachbody workouts will take a back seat while I concentrate more on MA training. I have felt exhausted over the last 2 days, especially yesterday because I woke up at 7.30 am, weight trained for 40 mins then cycled for 4 hours. I had a "bad cycle" day yesterday. Before setting off I had to fix a puncture (a puncture that almost made me miss my train a few days earlier) and while I was riding the pedal shaft starting to work itself loose. I looked everywhere for a suitable Allen wrench and finally find a really cheap set, unbelievably cheap actually at 150 yen in a big home center store. They will stay in my bag for future mishaps.

I will go see the BJJ dojo tomorrow. Just called up and I think the guy's wife answered. Funny because I'm sure I read in his profile that he was divorced so it sort of surprised me.

The eating has been ok-ish. Still lots of meat (kangaroo and chicken breast) but not enough vegetables and too much carbohydrate. It's funny how my body and mood can change yet so much. A couple of days ago, I looked in the mirror and thought I looked gaunt, my abs were protruding and I just felt skinny and I was ravenous on that day so I ate a ton of food. Today I feel bloated, my stomach feels like I need to keep tucking it in. The more the amount of exercise I do increases, I can feel my body craving for food. It's just getting the right food inside it that matters. I have a Rich Tea biscuit addiction right now. Whenever I eat them, I feel 10 years old again, dunking each biscuit in my tea while reading the newspaper at my great grandmother's house. mmmm. biscuit, tea-dunking...mmm.

The offending item!

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