Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Day 48: Get Lean Intervals, Abs and Grappling

Woke up later than usual because I didn't sleep so well last night despite doing yoga for a chance to give my body a rest. I started off with the Interval and I've got abs Chalene workouts. Really sweating a lot during those but I felt so much better than I did at the start. I wanted to nap a little but had no time. Went out in the car to meet Michael for grappling at Chikusa sports center. Walked in to the 2nd floor room where they have a tatami mat, thick throwing mat and a bare wooden floor and saw a real mix of people doing different activities. There were a couple of old geezers doing Iai-do which is sword drawing and attacking, real slow movements and quite graceful. There were some old ladies (maybe their wives) waving fans around in a sort of "kata" dance in kimono. They had some music going which was shamisen or koto I think. Then right in the middle a couple of kids doing breakdancing with hip hop music coming from the tiniest ghetto blaster ever. They were good, too. We set up on the mats and worked out for about 2 hours going over Gracie Combatives, chokes, americana, arm bars and other stuff. Later the breakdancing kids came over and pissed around on the mat, doing back-flips and shit with shoes on! I was a little pissed off by that and Michael lost his concentration. I should have confronted them and told them to get their fucking shoes off while on the throwing mat but didn't. Maybe I've lived here too long and prefer to keep the peace. Instead, I told the guy on the reception to give them a warning - cowardly, I know.

Was a good 2 hours well spent but I am really drained now. All I have to do is keep doing them a thousand times more so that they become second nature. On the way home I picked up a car tyre to use for training. Gonna have to go pick up a sledge hammer so that I can do some hammer training. See cool video below for what I want to do.

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