Friday, 28 August 2009

Day 23: Burn 2 plus other stuff

The diet was quite bad yesterday. I was very active, taking my son to the river and getting out but on the way back home we ate at a greasy Chinese restaurant and I ate some gyoza and fried rice. I haven't eaten this kind of stuff for a while and after I finished it I really felt it. I was just queasy.

To make up for that, I cycled for over 500 calories worth today and worked on some martial arts stuff for over 2.5 hours with a couple of friends. We did mostly Aikido style self-defence moves and it was so bloody hot in the Dojo but I enjoyed it so much. Kind of took me back to how I was in my 20s. I need to get back into this stuff more full time because I am very rusty.

I came home, ate, took a short 30 minute nap and got to business on the Burn 2 workout. Using 15 kilos, just a simple 35 minute routine can really stress the muscles. I must have sweated about 10 litres worth of water today and I feel drained now but it was so worth it. Oh, bought a big bag of kangaroo, too. Cant wait to tuck into that for my omega-3.

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