Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Day 20: Recharge

Tip of the day: It's no surprise that because your body is made mostly of water that it needs lots of water throughout the day. Avoid carbonated drinks and alcohol. Try to drink at least 3 litres/13 cups (men) and 2 litres/9 cups (women) of water each day.

I went home today feeling a little under the weather, picked up the 10 kg medicine ball at home and decided to do some Tabata medcine ball throws before I started the Chalene stretch. Now, Tabata was some clever guy over here in Japan who searched for a method of increasing overall athletic ability in as short a time possible. What he discovered was that doing a cardiovascular activity for 40 seconds (Edit: actually it was 20 seconds but it felt longer!) with high intensity followed by 10 seconds rest then repeated for 8 sets produced amazing results in V02 max and muscular endurance.

I decided to apply his technique to the medicine ball. The move was simple, hold the ball, squat down, come up, then throw the ball in the air and catch it for 40 seconds (Edit: 20 secs), rest, repeat. It sounds easy, I know but it was a hell of hard workout. I started off really strong, ball going up, ball coming down, boom boom. By the 3rd set I felt it, by the 5th set I wanted to stop. My heart rate was really high. The great thing is, you can apply the Tabata technique to any exercise and improve your ability in that exercise. I dare to think how pull ups and push ups would feel doing Tabata.

The stretch afterwards felt real good.

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