Monday, 17 August 2009

Day 12: Burn It Off

Tip of the day: Have a protein drink immediately after your workout. Ideally, it should be something with Whey protein because it is fast acting. Eating fat with protein slows the absorption.

Back to work today after 10 days off. The workout was tiring because of that but I kept the intensity high. Finally, I wore my heart rate monitor and here is what I got for the workout.

Total time: 27m 18s
Avg pulse: 146
Max. pulse: 176
In zone: 15m 44s
Above zone: 7m 30s
Below zone: 4m 03s
Calories: 318 Kcals

Pretty damn good workout for less than half an hour. My heart rate was really high so getting put through its paces. The calorie burn was decent too coming in slightly behind Cardio X or Kenpo X plus but more than 10 minutes less in the workout.

The creatine I took yesterday had no adverse affect on me last night. I did wake a couple of times but that was due to the heat.

Calories 1992
  • Fat 89.1g (39%)
  • Protein 136g (27%)
  • Carbohydrate 183g (34%)
Hmm, not good. Carbs still dangerously too high for my liking.

Consult the chart below for an idea of where I want to be.

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