Saturday, 15 August 2009

Day 10: Burn Intervals and Ab burner

Had to stop a few times during the workout because I started with 10 kg. Half way through I dropped to 7.5 then 5 kg because it was killing me. The cardio intervals really get my heart going high. Wish I had my heart rate monitor but the battery is going and I need to go buy one today.
My abs have got weaker since P90X or maybe it's just that I always struggle with lying down ab exercises. Maybe I've just got a low pain threshold in that area of my body because I tend to give in sooner than I should.

Yesterday's calories were:

Calories 1901
  • Fat 102g (47%)
  • Protein 113g (24%)
  • Carbohydrate 146g (30%)

I went to bed feeling really hungry last night. I've discovered though that I can mix some cottage cheese, yoghurt and chocolate protein together to make a really yummy treat as my last meal. It is high in protein and fat but low in carbohydrate. It should give my body the extra protein it needs while I am sleeping.

A friend of mine is leaving Japan. I haven't seen him in over 5 years but quite by accident bumped into him yesterday while I was bike riding in an area of the city I never ever go to. He has a crap load of weight training gear and I asked to buy them - he agreed. Hopefully, that will quell my woes of changing weights half-way through the video. I want the adjustable weights as you know but will easily settle for a range of dumbells in my room. Maybe it's time to get a weight rack ..hmm..

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