Friday, 10 July 2009

Day 72

Chest and Back yesterday was really tough. I think this is my nemesis of all the weight training workouts. I push hard but I have hit a plateau where my numbers stay the same or increase very slightly. The combination of push ups followed by pull ups is a killer. Despite that I find it hard, I appreciate that it is a great workout. It has practical use in the real world. Find yourself hanging from a ledge with 20kg on your back? no problem! Need to cover and protect your kid while a building collapses on you? no problem holding the push up position.

I mixed things up a bit today and instead of Plyometrics I tried the new Insanity preview DVD. Its Plyo-cardio and it was tough as shit. The floor was covered in sweat and I needed a lot of breaks. My heart-rate was high frequently and I burnt around 420 calories. That is huge considering its only 40 minutes and the stretch section is something like 8 minutes.

I did a total of my pull ups for Legs and Back. First time starting this workout I did 43 pull ups (not counting chair assisted). The latest one, I did 71. I'm really happy with that number.

I have a lot of energy right now with all the carbs I eat but I am not gaining weight. I think I'm still losing which is cool. Weighed myself yesterday and I was 73.4 kg, that's a loss of over 3 kg since I started P90X.

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