Wednesday, 30 November 2016

On The Mat Day 779: Jiu-jitsu is a Lifeline

I work as a freelance translator at home and things have been so busy recently that I find myself working a lot. I can feel the stress building inside like a kettle on the ready to boil over. This week has been crazy, with work coming in leaving me no time to rest. It's at times like this that I appreciate BJJ. I went to class this morning feeling lethargic and over-worked but left feeling refreshed with a buzzing high. I just couldn't live without it. It's my lifeline.

I sparred a few times. My neck is getting better every day. After about 3 rounds I stepped out and hit the squat rack. I'm up to 82.5kg now. Which is probably the most I've ever squatted in my life. I'm impressed by how well the 5x5 stronglift program works. I wish I could apply this to BJJ but I think it's not that simple.

On Saturday I went jogging in the park and felt my calf give out a bit while starting the run. I think I didn't warm up enough because half-way through I had to stop since my calf muscle just felt like it would rip out of my leg if I continued. It's getting cold, which means I really must focus on being warmed up before the run. I plan to give it a week to recover then continue my runs.

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