Wednesday, 23 November 2016

On The Mat Day 776: Running, BJJ and Squats

Beard is coming along
I went jogging through the park again last night. It was pitch black and a bit eerie but I actually enjoy it and it makes me run faster. I'm still using the app - it's really keeping me motivated. Today I trained BJJ and since it was a holiday a lot more people turned up to train. Sparred with some people I haven't seen for a while. I'm currently messing around with leg locks because well...I'm brown belt and that comes with a bigger playing field of techniques I can use or get put on me. Calf slicers, toe holds, kneebars, bicep slicers and such.

After sparring a few rounds I went and busted out 5x5 on the squat rack. I'm at 80 kg now and really enjoying it. Each time I think that I will struggle with the new weight but somehow I still manage to surprise myself.

Tesla barefoot - good for squats
 I bought some new shoes, really cheap, from amazon for squatting, the Tesla Barefoot. Up until now I've been barefoot squatting but I got sick of my feet picking up dust around the squat rack (i.e. nobody uses it) and was also worried about sweat after rolling that may possibly make me slip.The shoes are a minimal type something like a thin soles Vibram without the toes. I did plan on using them for running but they feel too flimsy for that so will use them for squatting only.

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