Friday, 13 December 2013

On the Mat Day 440: Wahey its Friday Morning Class

I went training in the morning today expecting a Furukawa to turn up so we can practice berimbolo again but he didn't show. There was just F-sensei, Tanaka and I. F-sensei showed us how to pass the knee shield with your arm entwined between the legs and grabbing the pants of the lower leg at the thigh area. The pass mainly involved dropping your shoulder and head to the ground and then passing low to the side or jumping over to the back. I like these passes, they're simple and effective.

After sparring a couple of times with sensei I asked him about when I'm turtled and a strong opponent is over me with their arms around me and under my armpits. Of course they can't attack from here but it's a dangerous place to be in a real fight where you can just keep eating knees to the head ala Pride style. He told me to grab the wrist of the far arm and switch out to the opposite side to roll the opponent on their side, then use my free arm to grab over his body to make sure he can't take my back then turn to north south. He also told me to switch out before the opponent contacts his hands and to keep turtling and switching a couple of times until I am free. It seems like a good drill to do solo so will implement this. Come to think of it, I should also do the head into crotch and buck them up and turn them. Sometimes though I'm just too dog tired my brain doesn't think. This is where I need my body to take over so will drill this on Sunday morning several hundred times.

This was the 4th lesson for me this week which is super rare that I train at this frequency. I'm a little tired but think that I could probably go train tonight as well...but that's the version of me who is single and has no kids.

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