Thursday, 29 August 2013

On the Mat Day 403: Mini Me on the Mats

So I took my son to Jits practice last night. Just because it is his last week of the summer holiday and I wanted him to come and meet Dmitri. I also knew that I would not stay the full night to train since I've come down with a shitty bout of cold sores, which meant I couldn't do any sparring.

F-sensei showed us how to flatten someone out when they are in sitting guard and either use x-pass or knee cutter pass. He also went over getting rid of a shallow and deep dela Riva hook, something which I should drill more even though many in our club don't use it. I did all the drilling with my son and he really enjoyed it.

Later just before I was about to leave, I told him to spar with Dmitri and he enjoyed that even more. I'm trying everything to keep his interest up in Judo, because he though he bitches about having to do it now, in the future he will thank me as his interest in grappling grows or when he has a fight and throws the kid against a wall. I am going to work through the bullyproof stuff with him soon then the Gracie Combatives for kids. I've been pissing about so much but really have to make time to show him them. They are something that I want to get to grips with too because my girls are getting older and I need to teach them how to defend themselves.

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