Thursday, 15 August 2013

On the Mat Day 399: Team Barbosa Handa Visitors

When I got to the club some new faces greeted me. Some guys had come up from Handa, a sort of sister dojo, owned by Taisho who like my instructor received his black belt from Barbosa. There was a white, purple, brown and black belt, so a good mix to spar with. A fair few of our guys turned up as well so it was a busy night.

I was basically working X-pass last night. Just working it against sitting guard and dela Riva guard. I had some success but was not successful against the Handa purple belt because he had a strong right leg on my hip that I could not get rid of, and he did well at stretching me out, something I fail to do at times. I also am working on the "rat" guard, which is a closed guard system that can move into a few different sweeps and a couple of submissions. I particularly find it interesting because it is good from a self-defense perspective.

I really had a great night of sparring and all the stress of working long hours recently just melted away. I'm still seeing people come in among our guys at like 9.30, 30 minutes before class ends, and I just think wtf did you bother? I know guys are workaholics here but I find time to come from 8 till 10 so why cant they. They also come in fresh when everybody is knackered from sparring, which I find to be weaksauce.

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