Saturday, 27 July 2013

On the Mat Day 393: BJJ Insanity

I've just completed the first week of Insanity from Beachbody and I feel so beaten up. It is one of the hardest cardio intensive programs I have ever done. I cannot keep up with it because my heart is pounding too fast and my legs are trembling. I've done two nights of BJJ this week in addition to the Insanity workouts in the morning and it has taken its toll on me. I need to sleep more but the hot weather wakes me up. I've been eating better. Lots of tuna egg salads and fruit so I feel quite good at BJJ.

Last night was a little cooler than normal and I was the first one at the dojo. A few guys came later so I had enough sparring partners. I am much more energetic from doing Insanity. There is one guy I train with who caught me in a kneebar last lesson (he's a white belt) and he often hits me in the face with his hands and such. A little spazzy but quite strong and competent for the time he has been training with us. I usually work turtle sweeps or let him have his way but last night I decided to put the hurt on because I'm sick of getting smacked in the face or choked across my cheekbone. I immediately arm dragged, hip-lock takedown, and into bow-arrow choke and tapped him out in about 20 seconds. The puzzled look on his face was priceless. We set up again and after attempting a flying triangle we ended up in my closed guard, I swept with a flower sweep, took mount, moved to high mount, into armbar position across his arms, he tried to hide his arm on the side I was on, I switched my hips and moved to armbar. I expected him to tap right there - I would have. But no, he muscles through it and comes up so I rotate and go belly up, he tries to twist his arm so the armbar won't work so I adjust and force it the other way and he taps. I see him later holding his elbow, ask him if he is ok and does he need some ice. Apparently, it's an injury he's had since last week or something so why the hell didn't he tap when I got the armbar position. I like his spirit but he needed to learn a lesson. I feel a little dochey right now writing this but I am sick of being nice when rolling with people only to have them crush my face, knee me in the head or crash down on my spine.

At the end of class I did about 30 minutes extra with Yanai who is interested in Legplata as they call it here. I also went through some thoughts on what to do in spider lasso when either the opponent crushes my legs to the floor or sits with his knee to remove my hook. Interesting night with me surprisingly full of energy. I am going to sleep a lot this weekend.

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