Thursday, 18 July 2013

On the Mat Day 392: The Return of Dmitri

So it's been a little over a month since Dmitri left and came back. He went back home and won the Canadian Judo Nationals there - good for him. Here is some of his matches.

It's definitely good to see him back in Japan and on the mat here. The Japanese guys seldom give feedback to each other and are quite reserved in suggesting anything like for example I have never gotten advice like "Hey, you are good at that technique, keep doing it, flesh it out a little." This has made BJJ a lonely journey so far. Now that I am working freelance I have more time in the day so may go train with him more at the gym.

Sparring was fun. F-sensei made us start in closed guard and break down the opponent or escape. Then we reverted back to standard sparring. I was moving much better, keeping good pressure and not gassing because the weather has been milder lately. I sparred with F-sensei and the last minute caught my second wind so turned up the intensity a little. He immediately did likewise and thrashed me. He just has an answer to anything I do before I made my move even. It's frustrating yet addictive to spar with him.

Sparring time: I've decided not to count anymore and simply enjoy it. I guess counting numbers has made me too hung up on the feeling that I have to spar as much as possible, which is good, but I also want to focus more on quality rather than quantity and do stuff like specific drills/sparring.

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