Thursday, 20 June 2013

On the Mat Day 383: Rainy Season Training

The rainy season was in full swing last night. Every time someone left the dojo to use the outside toilet they came back inside looking like a drowned rat. The shitty weather didn't stop a lot of people turning up though. We even had a new kid join the club, he is 21 and looks it. I think his name was Takashima.

F-sensei taught us attacks from the back last night. Something I fail to capitalize on. I can get my hooks in but often don't clamp down enough on my opponent. I took some videos which I will update to this post once I get them on youtube tonight. He stressed the importance of keeping the legs clamped together and the toes extended to make it harder for the opponent to peel the hooks off. Also, to get the seatbelt hold and to have your ear against his ear with your head pressing into his to really cut down his escape routes. I need to pratice this more, hell I need to practice everything more, and I feel like I need several life times to do it.

Sparring was good. Lots of fresh mean white belts to practice on. I'm still trying to work takedown throws but not doing so well although I get thrown much less than I used to. I also practice before and after class with the bands and against the wall doing osoto-gari and uchi-mata. The new kid actually asked me to spar twice. The first time I just tooled him around but not roughly, the second time he asked me what he should do when mounted so I got him to do the bridge escape. At the end of class F-sensei stressed how important it was for higher belts to assist newcomers. He said that guys who start BJJ are unsure what to do so colored belts have a responsibility to help them build their skill. I totally agree but I wish he had made that speech more when I was a white belt. All I ever got to go against were judo guys who were heavier than me when I started but they did made me good at playing from my back. As a rule, if I see someone who is getting the crap beaten out of them by other guys, I will let them work stuff. Pass their guard, let them escape, reguard, then pass their guard again etc. We both win and I get to keep a training partner - because many quit because of the constant pounding they get all the time.

I'v become interested in Tomoe-nage so asked F-sensei how I could convert a pull to guard into a tomoe-nage attack. He showed me his signature move which is tomoe-juji-gatame otherwise known as helicopter armbar. It's very cool and I will try to practice it more.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 mins = 42 mins

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