Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Time to Awake

The weather is getting warmer in the mornings. That means it's time for me leave hibernation and get up early and work out. I woke at 6 am this morning and started a kettlebell workout from Youtube. I subscribe to fitnessblender on youtube. They have a lot of different themes to work out to. I chose a 30 minute session that was supposed to be HIT. It wasn't extreme but was a great workout to get my heart and lungs going this morning. I really like kettlebells. They feel so natural in movement.

I plan to do 2 workouts per week in the morning with kettlebell/cardio and 2 yoga/stretch sessions. Adding this to BJJ x 3 times per week and a squat/deadlift sesion once per week each, I think I am gonna be busy. A friend asked me if I ever get time to be home - I do, somehow. The kids still know what I look like.

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