Friday, 24 May 2013

On the Mat Day 374: Knee on the Belly

My body was so beat after yesterday's training that I couldn't go to sleep. It was beyond the point of exhaustion so much so that I could not drift off into sleep - which is weird. I really pushed myself during sparring that by the end I felt dizzy and totally drained. I think I drank about 2 liters of water to replace the sweat I lost. A lot of folks turned up and again, I mostly worked on standing and gripping.

We were taught knee on belly attacks, which were all chokes. one hand gripping collar to stabilize while the free hand slides in either far collar and progresses to baseball bat choke from north-south, or near collar and moves into mounted choke. I frequently attack from KOB so enjoyed this lesson.

During sparring, I actually managed to jump into a flying triangle again without really thinking about it. It is becoming more automatic. The opponent was bigger than me so remained standing and eventually shrugged me off but I was pleased with my ability to jump into it without hesitation. I still need to drill triangle finishes for both leg triangles and arm triangles when the opponent is being stubborn and defending. Teo came to train so got to spar with him a little bit. I was just too tired by the end to offer much resistance though.

We have a 32 kg kettlebell in our gym and I tried to snatch it but it was way too heavy. I asked Atsushi and he did it easily. Apparently another guy at the club tried to do the same thing and messed up his wrist. Anyone who regularly works out with this type of weight on kettlebells must be a beast. I always do a few reps at the start of class now with the 16 kg and 20 kg just to warm up. Love kettlebells.

When I got home I drank a protein shake and ate maguro-don which is a bowl of raw tuna fish on rice with avocado and seaweed. This really helps to prevent muscle ache the following day. I just feel sleepy - that's it.

Sparring time: 8 x 6 mins = 48 mins

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