Friday, 10 May 2013

It's 6 AM

What I wish I could see this morning - My home, cumbria, photo by an old friend
I got up at 6 am again and was in danger of going back to sleep. I kept wanting to put my head back on the pillow and just drift away into oblivion. I got up though and after a few minutes in the sunlight I was fully awake and ready to go. The previous night I prepped my ASUS pad to have Youtube and the workout ready for me at a single touch. I'm using Fitness Blender workouts which are great because there is a huge selection of them available from 10 mins to over an hour. There is stuff for both women men and even a kids workout.

I used the Kettlebell Cardio Workout and it lasted about 30 minutes which is perfect because it means I get to prepare a hearty breakfast afterwards and chill before heading to work. The workout consists of a kettlebell and cardio exercise rotation. For example, it began with Kettlebell snatches followed by burpees. There are 2 rounds and a 1 minute break in the middle with a quick warmup and a couple of stretches at the end.

One thing I am learning about kettlebells is that Turkish Getups are really hard but are excellent for BJJ. You have the technical standup, a sort of hip bump movement and they could even help you build strength defending against being flattened out in butterfly guard. That's the feeling I got when using them anyway. Lots of fun!

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