Saturday, 27 April 2013

Squatting Again

The bar was free for me to do squats today so I took the opportunity and did a lot of sets. Just working my way from the bar only, adding weight gradually and finishing on 72.5kg which is my own body weight, then stripping it down to nothing again. I tried to go low on every rep. There were some occasions when I thought I could probably go another rep but might be pushing it and I didn't have a spotter so I stopped at that rep. The workout was really good. I totally see how putting a load on the spine like that can increase testosterone levels. If you're legs could speak to you it would go something like this.

"So, what we gonna do today, buddy?"
"Um, squats."
"Er, ok. Take it easy though, huh."
"Hey wait, wtf are you doing that bar is loaded heavy."
"No worries."
"The fuck are you doing? Oh you bastard this is ripping me apart."
"I'll get you back for this, you wait and see. I'll give out under you later when you walk down some stairs."
"Yeah, yeah, suck it up."

Just remember grappling loves squats, kettlebells and deadlifts but hates bicep curls and pretty much any other single joint movement that your grandma could do.

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