Wednesday, 3 April 2013

On the Mat Day 357: Kryptonite Night

This morning, the company I work for held a 30 minute presentation about how much profit they didn't make, how much money they want to make, and what product they want to manufacture next, blah blah blah add nauseum. We have to stand there and listen in a room filled with over 200 people as an old guy speaks and coughs through a mic. It's extremely boring. Instead of listening I decided to think about jiu-jitsu. My brain went over the techniques I learnt last night, where I went wrong during sparring, what I could do to prevent it, how can I improve my cardio for BJJ etc etc. Before I knew it the 30 minutes was up and we were shuffling out of the room like a herd of sheep. It astounds me how much BJJ can occupy my mind. It's like a rubiks cube puzzle but with arms and legs, turn it the wrong way - it hurts, turn it the right way - you get a buzz of happiness. I could never quit BJJ even though sometimes it frustrates me and I want to cry into my cornflakes. Maybe, just maybe, BJJ can also prevent my brain atrophying in old age because neurons are always sparking in my skull from all the 3D permuations that it makes me ponder over.

Maybe it's a combination of Tuesday, 2nd day of the week, the warm = sweating hard temperature of Tsurumai dojo, or lack of a straight 8 hours sleep the night before, but Tuesday always seems to be my Kryptonite night. I always get my arse kicked and feel like shit during sparring. This doesn't really happen when I go to Nonami. I can spar more rounds there. My body seems to overheat easily. Probably my ancestors live naked in the snow back in the hills of England. I'm not looking forward to summer here.

Only Kondo and Atsushi turned up for training. We did take down from the back using the hip lock technique with the hands gripped around the pelvis. After the takedown the guy is turtled so we moved onto attacking the turtle from behind. Since I'm left hand and legged, I start by inserting my left leg on top of their left leg to prevent them from granby rolling (F-sensei emphasized keeping my knee aligned with theirs), my arms are already round their waist from the takedown I feed his left lapel using my left hand to my right hand and pull tight. I then shift my left arm up an over his shoulder into the seatbelt hold. I pull him with my as I lie on my left side and kick my left (bottom) leg to disrupt his base. My right leg hooks then my left straightens and comes in to make the 2nd hook. I finish in rear mount. I should probably drill this. F-sensei also showed us to hide the feet using the wiper method so we cannot get pinned to the floor. It is important to lean forward onto my forehead and hands to make my legs light and easy to move. Since I'm working on turtle escapes and reversals I tried to hide my feet but failed initially then got the hang of it. It is very difficult to see the opponent from turtle. I probably need more drilling to get a better feel of weight distribution that could give me a clue to the opponent's intention.

At the end of class I talked a little to Atsushi who is a copper. Apparently, he is not allowed to post comments on Facebook because it can get him into trouble. Jesus, they are so restricted here. No wonder he always smashes people at class just to let some steam off.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins

  • Against tall people and going for double under pass. Be aware that they can still close their legs if I am too high. Trap me in closed guard where I am susceptible to a choke. I fucked up here and only pulled one arm out at a time then got triangled.
  • I had omoplata against a strong opponent who picked me up. I worried about falling back to the mat and further hurting my neck so let go. I should use my free arm to grab their back or far collar and there work to a choke. Review how Clark Gracie does it.

Things to do:
  • Study the Telles turtle DVDs
  • Build a plan to increase cardio and strength for morning workouts

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