Wednesday, 27 March 2013

On the Mat Day 355: Marco Barbosa Seminar Part 2

Marco Barbosa taught the 2nd and last seminar last night at our dojo. Soon he will fly back to warm Brazil. I wish I could go back with him to escape the cold here. It's been known to snow in March here. Most people were wearing socks to run around the mat in a circle for about 5 minutes then shrimping and similar drills up and down the mat.

He started with talking about getting high mount and working the armbar from that position. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the arms of an opponent up so you can take a high mount position but he showed a painful method of making the opponent raise their arms. Using the blade of the wrist under the neck, you can force your chest to push the opponent's face down onto it which forces him to raise his arms then you place your feet on his hips and push up with your knees to take high mount. It's really painful and my neck hurts today from it.

He also showed us how to switch between arms when the opponent is protecting too deeply. Basically you are doing an asian squat on the person, keeping your weight heavy on their chest while switching your legs. If you keep it tight enough the top arm is really there for the taking once you switch sides.

There was also an interesting grip break I'd never seen. When the opponent grabs their own lapel as part of the armbar defense to free their arm to move your leg or whatever, it's very easy to break that grip on their lapel. Push in with the chest against his elbow, scoop the ridge of your hand thumb first under his hand, connect with your other hand and force his arm into a wrist lock. He will have to break the grip because of the pain on the wrist and stress on his fingers.

Luckily this time I took some video of the techniques so have something to reference when I forget.

Sparring was a lot of fun. There were a couple of people I've not met before but belong to clubs with instructors who once trained under Barbosa. I also sparred with my first female black belt. She was very technical and very little strength. Half-way through the roll I was thinking, "Why can't my wife be like this?". I also sparred with a gamey blue I met for the first time. He did a really nice pass, I put my foot on his hip to pull to guard but he anticipated and pulled his hip back and swung my leg around. I recovered but was suprised by the timing. He kept trying to use deep half sweeps against me but I kept my hips heavy and back but it was a stalemate situation. I need to check out the deep half killer DVD from Paragon's Bill the grill again. At the end I sparred with a purple belt who had the smallest hands I've ever shaken before a roll. They were like little dry doll hands. It was weird because he was quite bullish looking. From my sitting guard he actually tried a kote-gaeshi aikido technique but that doesn't really work in real life too much. Still tweaked my wrist though. The atmosphere in the dojo was really good. Everyone laughing and smiling, Dmitri running around like a rabid dog trying to tap black belts. It took ages to shake everyone's hand at the end. I wish we could always get a huge class like that.

After class I tried a combination I'm thinking about right now from lasso spider guard and also talked to Yuuki about what he does to stuff my sitting guard. I set up some concrete goals during work yesterday also about what techniques I want to focus on. I'm quite inspired at the moment about an article I read about putting yourself in bad positions to accelerate your defence.

Lots of bruises this morning. Especially, on my right arm from Dmitri's forearm slicer while practicing armbar breaks. Kind of tired too, after a late night of training. Nothing a good nights sleep won't cure.

1 white, 2 blue, 4 purple, 1 black
Sparring time: 8 x 5 mins = 40 mins

Mistakes to be corrected:
  • During armbars from top I must force my knees tighter together and bring my heels closer to my backside
  • When rear mounted, I must keep my chin down and arms in tighter especially the right arm if they have their left hand in my collar

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