Wednesday, 6 February 2013

On the Mat Day 339: Grabbing Junk

Got mask?
I've been away for a full week because of a shitty cold that I caught last Tuesday. I call it a hazard of location because Japanese people often continue commuting to work even when very sick. When a normal person would take the day off and kick back in bed to recuperate, the corporate samurai here prefer to put on a mask and head to work. I even hear people praise this type of commitment with comments such as "Mr. Kato is working today and he has a cold. Nothing can stop him. What an exemplary worker." I lol in my head when I hear this and wash my hands more frequently.

So, back to training. A week off due to illness is no joke and I felt it last night. I was slow to respond, uncoordinated, low in energy. I took many breaks and actually felt dizzy by the end prompting me to realize that I must start cardiovascular training soon. I have an idea in my head to rotate kettlebell and yoga workouts in the mornings. I'm also inspired by Kondo-san from the club who started off about 74kg, the same weight as me now, and is down to 65 kg and ripped from just 10 months of bjj. I tell him he looks like Bruce Lee. I think he has been eating right and I need to do the same. Now 65 kg isn't much you say, so tiny, but from his judo background he can generate a lot of strength and pressure. Right now, I feel like a bear who is slowly coming out of hybernation. I must get athletic.

After doing darce choke practice we moved to sparring where I tried some side escaping last night but didn't really do so well against proficient players. I did emphasize moving onto my shoulder/side but got caught in north-south choke which was not on fully but for a moment it was hard to breath due to the guy's gi over my face. I felt very claustrophobic at the moment (something I never usually do) and just calmed my mind, concentrated on my breathing while waiting for him to shift his weight. There are also two occassions where I ever get embarassed during sparring, that is either 1. farting or 2. grabbing junk. The 2nd happened last night as my instructor swept me, I went to post my hand and grabbed his junk. I pulled my hand away as though I had touched a hot plate and apologized but he just kept sweeping me and the moment passed. The only consolation I get from this is that it must be 100 times worse for women in the same situation. I also attempted a calf slicer, after watching Sean Roberts in the kumite, and was successful. He is super swift at getting that inside leg up and locking it down.

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins

Long term goals: Still 2 takedowns, and 2 escapes from each bad position
Short term goals: To get back into shape and increase my cardio

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