Wednesday, 23 January 2013

On the Mat Day 336: Butterfly Guard to X-Guard/Deep Half Guard

F-sensei covered the moves we did on Sunday but also added transitions into the X-guard and deep half guard. For the X-guard, when the opponent posts one of his legs from a kneeling position, you can hook that leg with both your feet, extend your outside leg and turn into him to take x-guard. The deep half guard basically has you use one of the hooks to spin the other way and away from him. I enjoyed this lesson.

During sparring I tried to relax more and just think about technique. Tsuzuki can later on and must have tapped a small white belt something like 5 plus times. My instructor said jokingly that he probably had a lot of stress to get rid of from his job (policeman). I sparred with him and he caught me with an armbar and choke from side control. I almost escaped the armbar by stacking him but he used his legs to snap my head back and push me to the floor. That was a shock. I'm strengthening my neck right now so maybe this will help defend this in the future. I was having lots of difficulty escaping him. I guess I panic or something coupled with the fact that he has some great pressure. I think it's time that I really decide upon 2 escapes that I am good at and force the position so I can use that escape. I've never really solidified my escapes so that I have a "go to" escape. I need to do this now.

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins


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