Monday, 21 January 2013

On the Mat Day 335: Butterfly Hook Sweeps

F-sensei taught us a few variations from butterfly guard and ended with a takedown using the butterfly hook. It involved gripping the opponents lapel and sleeve on the same side (lets say left), sitting down onto my left knee and hooking my posting right leg under his left leg to sweep him to my left. It was important not to simply pull the guy forward onto me but use both arms to whip the lapel and arm out to the side so the leg I hook becomes lighter. It was an interesting takedown.

The best spar I had was with Miura-san. He is extremely strong and when he frames it feels like iron bars holding you off. It was very difficult to break out of his half-guard but I did eventually after concentrating on technique alone. I told him later that I must be 100% on with the technique or I cannot do anything against him. I feel like a child versus a man against him which is why it is good for me to spar with him.

I also almost got caught by a kimura while attempting to pass half-guard from a white belt. It was a glaring fault by me. I must keep the arm in a safer position, probably grabbing his near lapel is best.

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins

After class I walked for an hour to my brother-in-laws house because the wife had the car. Suprisingly I wasn't tired at all. I think I need to make more time alone so I can reflect on things going on in my life.

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