Sunday, 25 November 2012

On the Mat Day 321: Sunday Morning Training

I turned up early to class then 3 other guys came a little later. The mats were very chilly and it was about 12 Celsius so it was important to warm up. K-sensei went over the butterfly sweeps so that means I've done them 3 times this week so some of them should have stuck with me.

I sparred with Ogiyama-san who is also entering the tournament next Sunday. I guess that's why we both turned up for training to get used to the time. He has improved a lot because of his previous tournament experience. He placed 2nd in white belt senior 1 category in the All Japan tournament last month. I suspect he will be promoted to blue belt after the tournament when our club will have a get together party for the end of year.

During sparring today I did an unexpected move to pass the guard. Feeling that I am too predictable against my team mates I have been working on what I can only describe as bunny hops over a balance ball. I used this technique to propel myself over a brown belt's guard and it work to my incredible surprise. I usually use low pressure passing so it's probably a good idea for me to try something else and mix it up. That's why I've been working on the X-pass to moderate success.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins

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