Thursday, 22 November 2012

On the Mat Day 320: Serotonin Spike

Joe Rogan talks a lot about Serotonin on his Experience podcast. He promotes a supplement called New Mood which apparently increases Serotonin in the brain and makes you feel happy and sleep better and such. Exercise also produces Serotonin in the brain, that's why we feel euphoric after a good workout. That's what I have tonight after training. Totally different to Tuesday nights BJJ class. I was so much more relaxed, didn't care if I get stuffed but just kept chipping away trying to do my thing - which was x-pass which I've seen in the past from Saulo Ribeiro DVDs but also recently from Rafael Lovato Jr's video. I've subscribed to view his stuff since it's free right now and his technique is great plus he explains it very's filmed in quality. Go to the link HERE and sign up.

I feel great right now. Just sitting in front of the computer, very mellow, looking forward to the next 4 days off work.

Sparring time = 8 x 6 mins = 48 mins 

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