Wednesday, 3 October 2012

TapoutXT Day 81: Almost Done

I decided to do a morning and evening workout yesterday because I have missed a couple and want to make them up as soon as possible. In the morning I did Muay Thai and later around 6 pm I did Buns and Guns.

Muay Thai is great. You move a lot, kick, punch and move like a fighter. Buns and Guns, on the other hand, is infuriating. You have to wrap the band around you and do akward movements. For example, you wrap the band around your foot and lie on the floor in a superman position and do triceps. You are basically using the band like a catapult - not a good thing. Since I exercise bare foot, the band slipped off easily. There are also a few scene cuts in this workout. One minute they are on the floor, the next standing and doing biceps! This is where the beachbody workouts get it right. I have only ever seen 1 cut in the whole P90X program and it was never between transitioning from one move to the next.

I also did Plyo this morning but at a low impact pace. I'm feeling really tired and can't wait until I complete this program.

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