Wednesday, 1 August 2012

On the Mat Day 287: Guard Passing

I started off the session being very careful when doing warm up rolls because of my back. I didn't want it to spasm, sending me back to square 1 of healing. I also used some kinseiology tape along the muscle which helped support it. It was my last strip and I really should go buy some more but it's so damn expensive! As always, I watched a lot of videos of things I wanted to work on, particular sticking points for me against some of the higher belts.

-Knee slide pass defence
-Stacking pass defence
-X-guard entry

These were basically my goals for the night. I also planned to roll calmly and relax more. I think I managed this well because I had more rounds than anyone else. The break from TapoutXT means I didn't exercise this morning so was very fresh for class. My stamina and recovery were excellent. Enough to defend against F-sensei's passing for a good 3 minutes. I actually felt him tire out at one point until his technique kicked in and he took side control.

I was disappointed in myself at one point when I could not escape side control from Fuji-san. He is extremely strong and heavier than me. He ties me up with his far arm under my armpit and gripping my collar while his free hand attempted to choke me. I must learn to escape this better or prevent his grips. I also had a poor performance on finishing from rear mount. Versus a strong opponent I find it hard to prevent them turning into me and ending in my closed guard.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 mins = 42 mins
Notable moments: X-guard sweep, butterfly sweep, turtle reversal to side control, deep half sweep, lassoo spider sweep...lots of sweeps.

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