Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tapout XT Day 23: Buns and Gun

This is probably the easiest workout so far of the series. It's also very short at about 30 minutes in length. I was a little disappointed with it because there was not enough work done on the biceps and triceps. It mostly caters for the female crowd and their fascination with reversing any sag in their behinds. I'm not a fan of working out my backside because to be honest it really doesn't factor as a problem for me. I'm sure most guys will agree that the places we want to buff up are the chest, arms, abs and quadriceps. The ass? um, not really.

I think this workout could have been better with more emphasis on the arms. I wanted to feel more burn and a pump in that area. Afterall, according to Arnold, we all know what the pump feels like....right? Saying that, I do think that the creator of the program was quite inventive when it came to using the bands. A lot of combined exercises, especially those lying on the floor were interesting and I did not find this workout boring at all.


  1. John, are you still doing the XT program?

  2. Oh yes indeed. I'm up to day 48 I think. Last night did Muay Thai and this morning Yoga/stretching.

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