Monday, 30 July 2012

Postponing Tapout XT for a Week

I woke at 6 am this morning and started Plyo XT. 10 minutes into it I had a sharp pain shoot up my left trapezius muscle about midway near my scapula. It took my breath away for a moment and I had to stop. During the Friday workout I was doing those Divebomber push up (P90X name I know) and felt the pain then, sort of like a grinding, tearing feeling. The muscle felt sore but manageable. However, this morning's workout probably made it worse. So, I've decided to give myself a week of recovery and then get back into it where I left off. Instead of the workout this morning I just stretched. Likewise, for the rest of this week I will get up at the same time and stretch. I have to be doubly careful what I eat now because I will not be burning as many calories for sure.

Kinda peeved out about it but I know it's just my body telling me to ease off and let it rest.


  1. I understand your frustration! It's hard to have to stop after you feel like you're getting into the "groove" of things & making progress. "Dive-bombers" (and Hindu push-ups) have been known to cause pain in/ around the trapezius muscles. I still have trouble doing them anymore, due to some scar tissue from an old injury in my right trap near my brachial plexus.

    Be careful & be sure to give yourself as much rest as needed!

  2. Thanks Ronnie, had a great stretch this morning and worked out some soreness. I'll go for a massage this week and should be good enough to get back to it come Monday. I have a physio friend who has broken down scar tissue for me in my shoulder before. Hurt like hell at the time but it's 100% now.