Thursday, 21 June 2012

On the Mat Day 275: Hard Night

Last nights training was tough. BJJ is not easy. I used to think that when I first started it would get easy to do BJJ but it doesn't. It's a constant uphill struggle. The only part of it that gets easy is against newcomers or people who have taken a long time off so you were able to catch up. Against your everyday team mates, things stay the same. As I improve, the guys I train with improve. If they train more than you, they pull away from you and dominate you. If they train less, you get to dominate them more than before. However, there are exceptions. Guys who have a certain natural ability, such as flexibility, strength or a huge amount of stamina may use these and do really well off the bat at BJJ. I believe even intelligence and analytical thinking plays a big part in becoming good at jiu-jitsu. Some folks are lucky enough to quickly find techniques they can do well and begin to build their game. I personally wish I could analyze my game better and build a web of techniques. I am starting to do this but the advancement is slow.

I really pushed myself at training. I tried not to rest so much and go against guys who give me trouble. I was glad by the end of the night to see everyone just as tired as myself. That's not a bad accomplishment considering 90% of them are younger than me. My movement seems to revolve around deep half, x-guard and sitting guard. I am not particularly good at any of them but they serve to keep me out of trouble. I've also entered a slump in my takedown or perhaps its just that I was too exhausted to really work hard at them. During the end of sparring I felt a little light headed and queasy. The heat plays a major factor in how I feel.

F-sensei showed us collar chokes again, this time using the lapel. He must have showed us about 10 plus variations and to be honest, by the end, I had lost track of which one we were doing because they all look similar. "Is it the left hand or the right?" I found myself asking. I would much prefer this number cut down to 2 variations and work those for 20 repetitions each side rather than 10 variations and 4 reps. Perhaps that is up to me to stay after class with someone and work on the chokes that I felt most comfortable with. Weekdays I am unable to do this but perhaps I will on Friday.

Sparring time: 8 x 6 mins = 48 mins

Notable moments: Closed guard, opponent stands and I move to omoplata sweep. First time I really tried this but always knew it was there. Being kicked in the teeth as I tried for double under pass.

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