Monday, 11 June 2012

On the Mat Day 272: Trust in the Technique

As I step on the mat to meet my training partner during sparring, and especially if he is bigger, more athletic and stronger than me, I find myself uttering these words to myself. "Trust in the Technique". Just by focusing on this goal I've noticed that I am less likely to muscle my way through an escape, guard pass or submission. In fact when I use too much energy to do something I see it as inefficient now. I want to use "eco-jiu jitsu" as they call it here. Despite being quite athletic and strong for my age, I know that time is against me now and I am forced to learn jiu-jitsu properly and base my moves on timing, leverage and cunning. I still find myself panting at the end of a sparring workout but I believe that I am becoming more technical, particularly with passing. Afterall, passing is where you waste so much energy that you just have to do it efficiently.

I've been taking the advice of the 40 plus BJJ plan from the emails being sent to me and watching my posture. It's not good. There are many times I let my head drop so that I'm prone to be caught in a choke or cannot apply the correct technique. I even recall Ryan Hall mention in one of his videos how you must keep the spine straight because it is mechanically strong that way.

Sparring was hot and sweaty as we approach the rainy season and then the dreaded humidity. There was a suprising number of people for Sunday's class yet no white belts. The heat really takes it out of me and I am so thankful for my lightweight Vulkan gi. I don't know how the other guys can suffer their heavy double-weave gis.

I've also ordered Caio Terra's Modern Jiu-jitsu after hearing so many good things about it. The production alone was enough to convince me to buy it. K-sensei also brought back a copy of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine from the US after his Mundial trip. I took a quick look through it and was impressed with the quality. I'm gonna borrow it and read it when I get time.

Sparring time: 6 x 5 mins = 30 mins
Notable moments: Lots of armdrags to back vs big opponents, shaolin roll over 1/2 guard sweep on large/strong opponent, many failed seio-nage (I must use more kuzushi).

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