Saturday, 2 June 2012

On the Mat Day 269: Seio-nage

So we started the class off with just me. A lot of guys have been coming late recently after work. Yes, the Japanese do love their overtime and working late. F-sensei, seeing that I like seio-nage and have started using the bands as a warmup before class, decided to give me a lesson on how to throw properly and the correct movement for training solo. To be honest, I felt very clumsy with my technique after he showed me exactly. Despite the fact that I can throw people with drop seio-nage, my technique, my technique is not so good for ippon-seionage.

He split the foot and hand movement and gave me tips, which were.
1. Never let your feet splay out. They must be always pointing inwards.
2. On entry I have to keep my knees slightly bent and back straight.
3. I can spin faster into the throw by turning my head like an ice skater turning but I should be able to see myself across the room from a mirror on the wall after entry into the throw and just before the throw.
4. The left hand (on the sleeve) must rise up, very similar to jodan barai (upper block) in karate. The right hand (on the collar) must turn into an upper cut while keeping my elbow tight in. This is the kuzushi part.
5. After the spin into the throw, the last leg I move (my left) must be slightly behind my right. I can even leave it far out to trip the opponent over it.

He also taught me kouchi-gari which I use along with the seio-nage in combination. The kuzushi for this technique is different in that I must narrow my arms together and push from my core. I had a bad habit of turning away instead of facing him.

Doing these judo techniques was fascinating. There are more intricacies that at first meets the eye. I don't think they are as difficult to grasp the concept for as BJJ techniques but they do seem hard to master. At the end, F-sensei told me to do the solo drills he showed me 1,000 each day. He laughed after telling me but was dead serious.

Sparring was great. Only 4 blue belts including me. I sparred with a new guy for the first time and had trouble breaking the spider lasso grip.

Sparring time: 4 x 6 mins = 24 mins

Notable moments: I think my balance has improved when caught in spider guard.

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