Sunday, 27 May 2012

On the Mat Day 267: Side Triangle

I did 30 minutes of yoga and foam rolling last night because I really need to stretch more. Although, for some reason this morning my left hamstring was painful to touch. Perhaps I overdid it. I tried working it out with the foam roller again and that helped a little then I headed out to class. There were a good few people attending today, Sunday seems to be getting popular. With the recent influx of people F-sensei will probably keep morning classes open all the time from now. I've only been training twice a week recently and really felt myself losing it so I was determined to attend class today to make up.

We were shown how to get a side triangle on a turtled opponent. It brought to mind the scene in which Erik Paulson caught a Japanese shooto champion with this technique. I believe it was a technique he was well known for. Here's a video of it, although it is no gi so he underhooks their arm whereas we were told to hold the belt in today's class.

I actually managed to drop seio-nage a brown belt who outweighs me by about 15-20 kg. I was shocked and so was he. I think I have finally got this technique down so that I do it without thinking. I simply react. I've also been watching Ryan Hall's back attacks DVD at the recommendation of some Sherdoggers, it really is an indepth package and I tried to use his concepts today. Sliding in the foot to pillow the guys head and really pulling back my arm behind the bow and arrow choke.

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins
Notable moments: Seio-nage, working to x-guard oh so many times.

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