Wednesday, 14 March 2012

On the Mat Day 244: Lapel Attacks from Side Mount

F-sensei showed us some great attacks from the side mount. They ranged from straight down cutting collar chokes to the Americana and bicep slicer. I particularly like the bicep slicer and wrist lock technique he showed us and will have to get this down thoroughly because it was very sneaky. Now and again when I go for this line of attack I only use their lapel to force an Ezekiel choke which usually works very well. I really enjoyed this lesson because it felt very technical and provided me with some combinations to add to the Ezekiel choke.

Later on I asked F-sensei for his advice on the problem I am having passing the guard completely during an over-under pass. I told him they either block my arm going to under hook their head or they hold the sleeve of my nearest arm. He told me to do the following:

(If I am passing on their right side)
1. Shift my head from their left hip to their right and place my forehead on the floor.
2. Make sure the palm of my left hand is flat on the floor.
3. Take my right under hooking arm from between their legs and grab over them.
4. Jump to the other side using my left hand and head as a pivot.
5. Under hook their head with my right.
6. Move my left hand up as though going for a Kimura hold and then under hook their right arm.


1. Place my left hand on the floor flat.
2. Walk my legs to the left so I actually go over the top of them into a north-south position.
3. End in side control on the other side.

Considering these are countermeasures to a big problem I have constantly had, I should ask to video tape these for the record. F-sensei advised me that once I have passed the legs, I have the advantage. I can use a lot of motion of the hips and legs to counter any defence my opponent since he only has his hands.

During sparring I tried to apply the idea of switching my pass to the other direction as F-sensei had demonstrated to me. I was very successful against a white belt who up until now has proven very tricky to pin down into side control. Because he is quite small, and we all know how quick these little guys are at hipping out, he usually slips away from me. But while sparring there were now quite a few moments where I would just go the other way and almost slide into side control like he was giving it to me. It felt almost effortless. I also sparred with Tete and F-sensei. I tried my favourite lasso spider hook and almost got F-sensei with 2 sweeps. I also tried a basic butterfly sweep with double underhooks but F-sensei stuffed it with his hand on the side I was sweeping to. I also had a narrow miss. F-sensei swept me, I posted my hand to stop it and failed. My momentum kept me going and the hand buckled almost like a wrist lock. Luckily I felt the danger and pulled it out sideways in time, but it was damn close.

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 minutes (not enough! need more peeps)

Notable moments: Successful half-guard to back take. Kishi-kun had a wtf? moment with that one and wanted to know how I took his back from half-guard. I showed him of course. I teach anyone my Dim Mak.

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