Thursday, 26 January 2012

On the Mat Day 227: Omoplata Variations

F-sensei covered the omoplata from closed guard. He stressed that we must sandwich the opponent's arm between our legs so as to give him no space to pull out his arm. Making a figure four with the legs to trap the arm is not as good apparently. It allows room for the opponent to manouever and escape his arm. He showed us armbar to omoplata, then omoplata to triangle and the best way to get it. Also of interest was how to finish with an armbar when the opponent's hand is on the wrong side of your chest in the omoplata position. I didn't do so well with this movement and became a little frustrated.

Before training, I usually write a couple of things that I want to attempt during sparring. This usually helps me to remember what I want to focus on. I tick them off after I have tried the technique. My theory is that if I keep doing the moves during sparring, I will eventually do them by instinct and not have to think of them in steps. I try to think of each sparring session as an experiment now. I think of it like a mechanic sorting through a tool box, throwing away the tools that don't work for him and storing the ones he likes to polish up at a later date. I am really enjoying BJJ training right now. There are definately ups and downs. Times that I hate it because I am getting my arse kicked, times that I love it when I pull off a technique I am working on. It really is an emotional ride for me but one I don't want to get off.

I have recently checked out the Marcelo Garcia website. There are a couple of videos there of him explaining techniques. I have only watched about 3 of them on a trial basis but am very impressed with his teaching. His English is quite good during the explanation of techniques and when he teaches you can really see that he has thoroughly thought deeply about every aspect of his game. If I lived in NYC it would be my first choice for Jiu-jitsu training. I am not sure if I want to spend 240 dollars per year to view the site but believe it would really help my game if I did. It may be worth doing it though while the Japanese yen is so strong. 

Marcelo Garcia page

Sparring time: 8 x 6 mins = 48 mins

Notable moments: Working my arse off to get out of Tsuzuki's side control and doing a little better than normal but still getting crushed. Although I did fend off his favourite choke.

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