Saturday, 29 October 2011

On the Mat Day 205: Getting the Armbar on Turtled Opponents (with notes)

I usually don't train on Thursday but I decided to go this week because I like to mix it up and bump into people I don't usually get to spar with. Kamiya-san was there. He got his blue the same time as me. I assumed that he had been training on days that I don't go but later he told me that he had taken a month's break. He's a bit introvert at the dojo, not often speaking out with the other guys, answers questions politely when posed to him. He would probaby make a very loyal friend, a bit like me really. We drilled armbars and the triangle. I have been continuing my plight to get good at the high closed guard armbar. I have to say that I wish I had longer legs but the technique still works for me.

F-sensei showed us how to attack a turtled opponent with an armbar. The techniques were very simple and we only did a few which was perfect. I prefer not to be bombarded by technique and instead continue to repeat only a few moves. I will make some notes (wish I could video record it). Basically, they started by getting a single hook in and sitting on the belt line of the opponent. From there either hooking his arm from the inside or outside. They were good solid techniques and I would like to keep them in my head. Tete-kun, who returned from a competition in Thailand, showed us some moves he had picked up. The first was a closed guard to triangle with a twist-you use the opponent's lapel and kick it with your free foot to open him up, it was very cool, very jiu-jitsu-like as he termed it. The other he showed me was a bow and arrow choke but the opponent is very strong and you can't finish him. You bring the leg over his head to increase the choke. It was really painful.

Sparring was good but also frustrating. I got into my beloved x-guard a few times. Caught kamiya with it and took his back. I also managed to do the De la Riva to back mount with Tete-kun. I suspect he lets me play my game though. He is a good partner to spar with. Tsuzuki turned up late and mauled me. I was so frustrated with his pass, pressure, choke on me that when we stood up all I could think was that I want to tackle him and drive him through the wall. I tried and he crushed me - lol. I don't know how he does it. He is like this dense pillar of stone. I throw myself at him and he seems immovable, whereas Tete-kun is like water. He flows with your sweep, avoids it and then comes back to crush you. Really interesting how different they both are.

Sparring: 6 x 6 = 36 mins

Notable moments: X-guard to back mount, some weird escape I did (non-repeatable) to end up in North South on the opponent.

Turtle Armbars -

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