Thursday, 6 October 2011

Morning Workouts

So this week, now that my knee is better and I seem to be over the hump of illness, I started working out in the mornings again. I set up a schedule for the next 2 months to peak at the beginning of December when I will enter a local competition in Handa city. Hopefully, I can progress with this.

I began with some Revab workouts, 1 cardio 1 muscular weight training. Today I did Abs and a Tabata workout. Tomorrow I will do a BJJ specific workout with pull ups and neck rolls etc. On Saturday I plan to stretch or do yoga. Repeat this each week.

The Tabata was great. I switched out push ups and body weight squats. Real easy to start with but still tiring. I found a video I run from my ipod to the TV to time it all. See the youtube link below.

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