Thursday, 11 August 2011

On the Mat Day 186: Triangle Escapes

Tonight was a fun night. I am off work for 10 days as of tomorrow so I know I can rest a bit from now. Tomorrow is my son's birthday, he will be 7, so instead of tomorrow (Friday) which I usually go, I went tonight instead. I actually wanted to train both nights but the wife just kept tapping her foot so I cut it to one :( Still it is the little fellas birthday so he does come first. There was a ton of people tonight. Perhaps 14 folks attending the class. Probably because the holidays are starting and some of them could get to train. I see on our picture board we have a total of 29 adults and 10 kids. I think there are a handful of more students though but probably no more than 5. That's a fair number but it would be nice to have more for variety.

I actually didnt know whether I could get through the sparring with the heat and the feel of overtrain running through my body but I did, and I pretty much did the same amount as most other tonight. Many of us had to take breaks and rotate just to rehydrate. The humidity is crazy. This is what I drank. Half a bottle of a 2L water bottle, 500 ml of chilled water, 200 ml energy drink, 500 ml apple juice and I still wanted more when I got home. Right now I am drinking down another liter of chilled water. My blood will be so thin I will be floating.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 mins = 42 mins

Moments of note: Flipping 2 opponents with the balloon sweep, getting into x-guard nice and fast on a strong opponent, using Marcelo Garcia take the back technique against an opponent who has double underhooks on my legs, chaining omoplata to triangle to ultimately fail against a heavy purple belt - Yeah it was a good night!

I enjoyed the latest interview from Fightworks Podcast. It was a nice long interview talking about the US army using BJJ. Their tournaments sound crazy hard. Listening to the podcast made me wish that we also covered more self-defence. That was the reason I got into BJJ but many of our moves are for competition. I'd love to be able to take a trip to the US and visit a few academies.

Check out the balloon sweep below.

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