Friday, 22 July 2011

Rev Abs Day 5: Fire Up Your Abs

I had an amazing sleep. Nearly 8 hours. I am taking Zinc at night which also helps me get a deeper sleep. I really should buy some ZMA because that will be better for my needs. This morning there was a slight chill in the air which is unusual for summer. The drop in temperature meant that I did not feel so tired and was not bathed in sweat as I usually am. I felt the plank part of the workout was uncomfortable in a good way this morning. All other aspects felt easy and I kept waiting for it to get harder. This workout is not so cardiovascularly taxing but it does concentrate a lot on the ab muscles. I ran out of frozen strawberries so decided to cut up and freeze a whole mango last night. I mixed it with milk, mango protein and glutamine this morning. It was very refreshing. The strawberry is a bit more tart so probably tastier. I'm enjoying this experiment with the shakes. I may add creatine to my diet this weekend but I am a bit apprehensive because when I do use it, I end up using the toilet so many times due to the increase in water intake.

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