Friday, 1 July 2011

On the Mat Day 172: Spider Guard Sweeps

So tonight during sparring I turned my ankle a bit and sprained it. The tendon was already weakened from Tuesday night sparring. I know exactly where it happened on both occassions. I was mounted or near as good as. The opponent turns into me and my foot is flat on the floor and the front of my foot is trapped under the opponent's back/side while my ankle has room to move. This forces my ankle over and stretches the tendon on the outside of my foot -- rather like a heel toe hold submission. It hurt. I've got ice on it now. Luckily my sparring partner at the time heard me yell out and he stopped because he has had a similar injury. Actually, F-sensei's wife has just recovered from a similar tendon injury. I guess its common in BJJ. I think I am lucky though that it hasn't swollen so bad. I think it will probably heal if I keep it iced and rest before the competition on the 10th.

I had to leave early tonight so only got 1.5 x sparring sessions in :(
Teo (black belt) was here tonight, too. And I missed out sparring with him! God that pisses me off. I always jump at the chance to spar with higher belts. Anyway I had a few goals for the night and one was to pass De la Riva guard. I got half-way but couldn't do well on the single underhook smashing pass. Need to work on it.

This is the pass I was aiming for:

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  1. Good to know that your partner helped you, these injuries can be very painful.