Wednesday, 29 June 2011

On the Mat Day 171: Spider Guard Sweeps

F-sensei taught some really cool spider guard sweeps. I have used spider guard in the past but only from videos or books that I read. I never have officially been taught the sweeps so last nights lesson was particularly valuable. We did a standard sweep with spider guard that has the lower leg sweep them similar to scissor sweep and also another one where you roll and bring the opponent over. We finished with switching to triangle if the opponent stands.
I really liked this lesson.

Sparring was ok, just really really hot. I felt queasy half way through but kept going. It's just crazy having to wear a thick gi in such heat. I wish we switched to no gi only in summer.
A blue belt I don't see much came last night. He's a judo based policeman and I did really well against him. I know he hasn't been for a while so it was interesting to see how far I have come on with my training. It is hard to compare to folks who train just as often as me (3x week). I swept him with my standard spider guard sweep (threading leg inside arm), nearly got a flower sweep and maintained mount. Just couldn't finish. That is my biggest problem. I can sweep into good positions but I can never chain techniques to submit. If they have seen me do a submission once then they know what's coming next time and can defend.

I am recovering well because I am getting lots of sleep/rest plus taking Amino acids leaves me with only a few aches the next day. My fingers still creak like mad though.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins

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