Saturday, 25 June 2011

On the Mat Day 169: Escapes

There was only me turned up last night so I got to drill a lot with K-sensei. I think the hot, humid, sticky, vomit-inducing weather is keeping people at bay. Tete-kun turned up later so, oh joy, I got to be owned by two brown belts. It was really frustrating to spar with both of them. Pass the guard=No, Get sweeped = yes, Play your own game = No. The only thing I managed was a tripod sweep on Tete and a new sweep I learnt from deep half on K-sensei. Still I suppose I should take that as a success. I didn not get to attempt anything I planned to do. Which was some half-guard sweeps. Still, as long as I have a goal.

It was so damn hot and we sparred for 7 mins break 2 mins. I really felt that. My dougi was drenched. My weight seems good for the competition. I am hovering just around 76 kg with the dougi on. I just really cut down sweet things and don't eat after 9pm unless I have trained, in which case I have a protein shake and some carbohydrates.

I ordered another book on The Guard from amazon. Looking forward to having a read of it. I have also been avidly watching Xande Ribeiro's DVDs. They are really good for my level and cover a wide range of technique that I can use to fill any holes.

Sparring time: 4 x 7 mins = 28 mins (it felt like a lot more!)

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