Tuesday, 7 June 2011

On the Mat Day 163: Buttefly Guard Sweeps using Lapel

For 2 weeks I haven't had any coffee as part of my "cut down the caffeine" regime. With that in mind, I wanted to see what would happen after I swigged some black coffee before practice last night. I stopped off at the convenience store and bought a chilled can of Silky Black coffee. The can looked good and it did go down easily. I believe the caffeine helped me concentrate more than normal. Usually on a worknight I daydream after the fourth technique shown but last night I was attentive for all of them. Perhaps its a placebo effect, no idea, but I will keep using caffeine as a stimulant before class only. The rest of the time I either drink plain water, green tea (this is Japan afterall!) or camomile tea.

What's your poison?

Last night we went over butterfly sweeps using the gi wrapped around the opponent's back. I paired with a new white belt who didn't wear a rashguard. After almost each sweep he kept tucking his lapel back into his belt and then I would just pull it out and use it for the sweep. I should have said to leave the lapel out just for practice instead of re-adjusting but all he had to do was look around to see everyone else not tucking in theirs - doh. Anyway, the sweeps were a good recap for me, I'm not good at them because I forget to push off my posting foot enough and don't pull in the opponents arms close to me as much as I should. This also rings true for throw attempts.

My fingers are aching, my left ear swollen and a gi burn runs down over my left eye but I enjoy that feeling of post-grappling euphoria. I sparred a lot last night but it was not so taxing as usual. I am doing better at guard passing prevention but am still poor at recovery. I need to sit up with an underhook when being passed in my half-guard. I am still working on getting the Shaolin sweep. While sparring with a purple belt last night I was actually a step ahead in the game at one point. I could feel him about to pass and immediately realized/felt the direction I needed to go to escape. I took the opening and easily moved out and back into guard. I wish I could do this more. He was really coming for me with tons of pressure as well. I am trying to single leg takedowns without much luck, I think I'm too reticent. Maybe not agreesive enough.

Sparring time: 8 x 6 mins = 48 mins

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