Tuesday, 3 May 2011

On the Mat Day 152: A bit of sparring before the BBQ

So today was a special day of sorts. F-sensei decided to call everyone to the dojo for a big barbeque. He bought something like over 25 kg of meat and got K-sensei to roast it up for us. Before the eating started we did a bit of sparring. I got in only 4 rounds because I also took the kids along as did many of the other guys who train. I did however manage to get the last round of sparring with Katou-san who is from GSB club which now and again gets together with our club for open mat type sessions.

Kato's move is the twister and I watched as he caught people in it. I knew it was coming for my turn and so took it as a good opportunity to practice defence against it. I kept my arm in so he couldn't control my upper body and worked on getting my foot out of the lockdown which is fairly hard when your legs are dangling in the air. It was an interesting spar and I'm aware he didn't go full out but I like to think I did ok as part of the defence. Little did I know that he can also use the collar to pull the opponent in as shown in the video below. Next time I see him I will ask him to go over it with me.

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