Wednesday, 9 March 2011

On the Mat Day 141: Half and Deep Half Guard/P90X Day 8

Last night had to be my favourite drilling night because of the stuff we were working on. I often find myself in half-guard and have always wanted to get better at deep half. F-sensei showed us a lot of sweeps from both positions. I actually used a few of them in sparring which was a bonus. A lot of people actuallt turned up for training which meant that there was lots of variety during the sparring session.

I watched the other guys when sitting out during sparring. I saw Tete do a great throw after being trapped in a head-lock from the front. I must ask him how he did the throw. I also watched Akira do a nice osoto-gari type throw on a brown belt. He is getting really good at setting it up and finishing with it. I will have to be careful of it. At the end of the class I was given some advice from a purple belt that when doing the spider guard sweep with the knees I need to keep my knee shield in place. It's great that he told me this because it is very hard to be aware of your own bad habits. Really, this is something F-sensei should be telling me but I never get any feedback from him which dismays me. Sure, he encourages us by telling us we did a move well or whatever but I also want feedback even if it is negative. You can only truly learn by your mistakes.

Sparring time: 8 x 6 mins = 48 mins

Most round so far for me. I had lots of energy during sparring. I think even just a week of doing P90X and eating better is paying off already. My right wrist is still painful. It may prevent me from doing push ups.

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