Friday, 4 March 2011

On the Mat Day 140: Keeping the Back / P90X Day 4 BJJ

The temperature has dipped again. I felt sluggish and my brain was elsewhere during sparring. I felt very uncoordinated. I suppose that's what you get when taking a week off. I had to let a few nagging injuries heal and am much better for it. The BJJ was in place of a P90X workout. It's a mix of BJJ and P90X. So technically this is my 4th P90X day. Successful attempts at half-guard clinching pass tonight.

I've also been reading a book by Kid Peligro - The Essential Guard. It has a lot of great counters and moves that I have been wondering about. The timing of me reading this book couldn't be better. Some people may think it too basic but as a blue belt it has some great answers to a lot of questions I have. I guess I am the only person who will read it at my dojo since I am the only English native speaker. Muhaha. Have to thanks F-sensei for buying it.

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