Saturday, 19 February 2011

On the Mat Day 137: Half Guard and Butterfly Passes

Two guys turned up tonight both heavier than me and stronger. White and blue and K-sensei who was teaching the class. We went over both guard pass types that kept me close to the opponent. Very usefull passes that I think I can use. Recently, a lot of things seem to be clicking in my head. There are many "Oh, yeah moments." During sparring I kept doing the tripod sweep or lumberjack sweep from standing. It works really good and I am improving at it. I failed to get underhooks on K-sensei but that's a given during half-guard. Although, I am getting better at moving to my side and not getting flattened out by preventing the cross-face.

I ordered a sweatshirt from F-sensei here is a pic of it, the dojo logo (Fukuzumi) is on the front.

I have also been really interested in Stephan Keating's videos and his advice. I subscribed to a newsletter and it comes almost every day with advice. It keeps me always thinking of BJJ and increases my interest in wanting to train more. I started the tripod/lumberjack sweep after watching one of his videos below because I was sick of being ragdolled by the judoka guys here. The sweeps seem to really catch them by surprise.

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