Thursday, 3 February 2011

On The Mat Day 132: Kesa-Gatame

Tuesday night we worked on controlling the person or rather submitting them from kesa-gatame (scarf hold). We were also taught some escapes and what to do when the opponent moves to an escape position. I really liked this lesson because it was so basic but so important. F-sensei taught us a guillotine choke when the opponent pops his head out of the hold and is about to go for your back. You move your arm from his head to wrap it around the arm and link up with the other for a choke. This move appeals to me and I will try to incorporate it into my arsenal. I like how BJJ is like that. We are all shown tons of moves but each person will take 1 or 2 they feel they like or works for them and add it to their own moves. The more you do BJJ, the more personal it feels, the more you see how other have become so different from yourself.

During sparring I got my arms trapped and my legs by Tete who is a brown belt. He flipped me over his head and I went crashing into the mat, face plant right into the mat. My neck hurt after it and I immediately put ice on it. It feels fine now 2 days later but it hurt enough on the night to stop sparring. Luckily it was ten minutes before the end of class so I didn't miss out on much. I'm still persevering on half-guard, and I am still slow to transition. It's all good though.

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins

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