Saturday, 29 January 2011

On the Mat Day 131: Lonely Night of Takedowns

Well I get to the class and there is only K-sensei there. It has reverted back to a lonely Friday. I understand it though. People have things to do on Friday like go out on a date or drink with co-workers. I did last week so it happens. However, I did miss the variety of sparring partners. We worked on single leg take-downs again. 3rd time for me this week so I think I have them in my head but they don't come out naturally during sparring.

I am constantly frustrated by my inability to hip out and turn or escape when getting my guard passed. I see others do it by rolling over their shoulder back into closed or open guard. K-sensei said that I have the technique down but I need to get better at the timing. I have also been working on plans from half-guard and closed guard. I really feel comfortable in half-guard and have built a repertoire of moves over the last 6 months. I'm not saying that I'm successful with it but I am much more relaxed when caught in half-guard.

I also worked out a BJJ warm up for myself that involves common movements. Since starting I have always done shrimping and rolls and that has really worked out for me. It is basically a set of 7-8 movements with 3-10 reps that get me moving freely. I only wish Gimnastica Naturale was available near me. Sadly it isnt.

I'm also gearing up my mind for another round of P90X when the weather warms up along with my joints. I hope to be in excellent shape this year.

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